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Terms and conditions

We are trying to remedy the poor supply of high-speed connectivity in remote areas by making our private long-range microwave network accessible.

As wireless technologies are used and we do not have absolute control over the electromagnetic spectrum, the available frequencies, or the relay sites, it is not possible to guarantee the quality or the maintenance of the service. The outdoor antennas are also subject to the forces of Mother Nature. For example, storms (strong winds, ice, etc.), lightning, power outages, electrical surges, rodents or other failures can affect the network. Since the frequencies used are non-exclusive, interference could theoretically occur at any time. Speeds fluctuate with signal strength, weather conditions and traffic levels. In practice, the equipment used is robust and reliable, generally giving good performance.

An automated management system continually checks all links and quickly alerts us when a problem arises. We then try to intervene as quickly as possible. But if access to the Internet at all times is essential for you, we recommend that you provide a backup solution (plan B), such as via your cell phone (most smartphones have a wifi "hotspot" function).

The network depends on the good collaboration of all; Lightweight equipment may be added to your location to serve other users. You agree that we can come from time to time on the premises when necessary to see to the proper functioning of the equipment, to add or remove it (including after the end of your service).

Installation costs include a contribution to the costs of the infrastructure required to bring the signal to users. Monthly pricing is currently set at a fixed price regardless of the volume of data used, for typical reasonable usage.

We cannot allow any misuse (such as excessive use that would harm others, transmission of spam, viruses, hate propaganda, violent, defamatory or obscene material) or illegal (for the purposes of any criminal or civil offense; such as for example: intellectual property infringement / piracy, child pornography, harassment, etc.) of the network, nor the resale or sharing of access with third parties without our prior express written permission.

The use of the network to transport massive data streams continuously is not permitted. For example, camera surveillance systems must have a local recorder.

You should address our representatives in a polite and cordial manner, at reasonable intervals and times. Repeated, harassing, vexatious and / or degrading calls or messages will not be tolerated and constitute a violation of the terms of service.

It is possible that in the future, we will use subcontractors or another entity to take over the operations in part or in whole.

Unless specifically sold to the user, the equipment provided remains the exclusive property of Haute-Vitesse Outaouais inc., Cannot be moved or removed without authorization, and must be returned on request, failing which they will be invoiced.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, Haute-Vitesse Outaouais inc. assumes no responsibility for any damage, failure, loss or other damage directly or indirectly suffered in connection with the installations, provision or non-provision of services.

Invoices are payable online by credit card at We also accept Interac transfers to , and checks sent via Canada Post. In the event of non-payment, interest charges may be charged and network access may be reduced or interrupted.

The service can be terminated at any time by either party. In particular, we may terminate your service if you do not comply with all of these conditions, or if we are no longer able to serve you adequately for reasons beyond our control. Otherwise, we will give at least 60 days notice.

The use of our network is conditional on the acceptance of all these conditions.

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